Course objectives: -
This practical course is focused on development and delivery of marketing projects. It will familiarise participants with the skills and techniques of researching information, preparing proposals and briefs and implementing a marking plan. The course will also put emphasis on the implementation of marketing proposals using effective project management tools to improve the business opportunities.
This challenging course is designed for all those involved in marketing strategy formulation and personnel with the responsibility for marketing and customer service. Also for those aspiring to become active in organization’s marketing role while utilizing the proven project management techniques.
-The marketing concept and philosophy
-The evolution of marketing
-Types of markets and products
-Market segmentation
Marketing planning, research and information
-Analysis and using market research for decision making process
-Qualitative and quantitative research methodologies
-Evaluate the outcomes and quality of a research project

Marketing communications
-Role of marketing communications
-Effective marketing communication with customers and stakeholders
-Media planning and integrating marketing communications
Marketing management
-Manage and motivate a team to deliver results
-Relationship marketing
-Social and digital marketing planning
-Marketing audit considering internal and external factors
Marketing in action
-Preparing a marketing plan
-Identify marketing objectives and plans
-Set a marketing strategy to meet the objectives
-Identify steps to implementing the strategy
-Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing plans and activities
Principles of project management
-Forming a project plan
-Critical success factors
-Managing risks of a project
Preparation of project budgets
-Cash flow analysis
· Effective use of tools and techniques
· Appraising computer based project management information systems
· Building successful project teams
-Leading a successful project
-Communication and group decision making
-Cross functional teams

Project monitoring and project change control
-Responding to problems
-Change management
-Effective ways of dealing and negotiating with contractors
-Directing and evaluating the project planning process
At the end of this course participants will be able to:
· Perform situation analysis
· Identify organization’s marketing objectives
· Collect marketing research and analyze findings
· Identify the most effective marketing communication for stakeholders and customers
· Make recommendations to the board
· Effectively manage a project
· Create and assess budgets
· Conduct financial analysis
· Know the fundamentals of successfully manage a project
· Effectively make decisions and solve problems
· Identify and manage change
· Apply motivational tools and techniques

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